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Stopping the Spread of Omicron

Just a reminder to all our clients: we ask that you stay 2m (6ft) apart and always wear a mask when you visit the food bank. Just before you enter to shop, please pick up a new facemask at the desk outside & wear it at all times when you are inside to protect fellow clients & food bank volunteers. If you are not feeling well or are experiencing COVID symptoms, please DO NOT COME to the food bank--if you contact us we can see what we can do to assist you with receiving food.

1-2 pm tends to be a high volume time when your wait will be the longest to enter since only 4 people waiting & 2 people shopping are allowed in at a time. If you can vary your arrival time, your wait should be shorter (which will be nicer on these very cold days). Please stay safe & healthy--with a little effort on all our parts we can get through this together! Thanks so much for your cooperation!

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